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March 19, 2012
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" AGH!!!!! Honestly I am not a child I can take care of myself you bloody git!" yells (name) slamming the door leaving Ian's house. " Good gosh its as like I'm taking care of a idiot, and he tells me that I cant go out in the woods after 6pm is beyond me," you sigh and walks down the worn down path into the woods to clear your mind. Sure you and Ian Kirkland have been friends since y'all were kids, but were now 19 for pete's sake not 5 years old. (name) fumes even more not paying attention to where she was going, or that it started getting darker.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ somewhere in the magical woods~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*sniff, sniff, hic* " Why cant I find a home," cries a soft voice. (name) stops and hears the voice and goes to it. Through the bushes she sees a little boy, no more than 6, with shaggy blonde hair, cute little bushy eyebrows, viberant leaf green eyes, and oh my gosh bunny ears!!!!! " Um hello dear are you alright?" you say not wanting to scare the poor thing. He perks up and sees you and blushes bad thinking ' Oh no a a a pretty lady saw me oh what should I do?!?' you saw the fear and smiled and sat by him " Are you alone?" he nods " Where are your parents love?" he cries again whimpering " I I I do not have any!!!" (name) felt sad for the poor little bunny boy that she picked him up and held him in her arms rocking him. " There, there its ok love I'm here, I'm here," you coo. He finally settles down " Now, love what's your name?" you smile at the little bunny boy. " Arthur," he hics. He starts to fall asleep in your arms you smile thinking ' I'm going to take him home and take care of him and be his mama' you walk back home to the house you and Ian lived in as friends humming London bridges. Little did you know that this was going to be a adventure for you.

ooooh I wonder what will happen when you bring little bunny iggy home to Ian?
ok I think I'll do a series maybe idk but this was a request by shadowlover-link so I hope y'all like it!!!
I do not own hetalia, england, scottland, or you. But I wish I owned bunny iggy ^_^ but i do own the story!

part 1: here
part 2: [link]
part 3:[link]
part 4:[link]
part 5:[link]
part 6:[link]

England: WHY DO I HAVE BUNNY EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: cuz its cute iggy
Ian: aw gr'et I h've to deal w'th th't pip sque'k again as a kid
Me: *cuddles little bunny iggy* aw soooo cute
Little bunny england: r u may momma?
Me: aw sure!! *hugs*
Ian & England: *facepalm* we've lost her to the cute bunny boy
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soo cute * squeals gently*
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OH MY FREAKING GOSH! I finally got the time to read this and I fell in love :3 it's so cute!!
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TEH FLUFF!!!!!!!
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aww!!! *dies from the cuteness*
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:iconfinnthehumanplz: ADVENTURE!!! WITH BUNNY ENGLAND!!!:iconsexyengland-plz:
anime327 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
"Ian & England: *facepalm* we've lost her to the cute bunny boy"
You lost me too! xDDDD *goes play with little bunny england*
chingokl Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
george clooney is the man !! [link]
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aww....little bunny has a mommy now!!
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